John Prats and Bianca Manalo Break-up

Actor-dancer John Prats and beauty queen-actress Bianca Manalo decided to split up and end their relationship. It is true that John Prats and Bianca Manalo already broken up but the reason has not been disclosed!

Bianca herself confirmed in Bandila on Wednesday, May 30, that she and boyfriend actor-host John Prats have ended their seven-month-old relationship. She and John have parted ways for two weeks already and it was John who initiated the break-up.

However there are rumors spreading that there's a third party involved on the part of John Prats.

Allegedly she was John's co-star in ABS-CBN's late Saturday night gag show "Banana Split" and former sexbomb dancer Sunshine Garcia.

But Sunshine is quick to deny that there is something going on between her and John. She said that they have a very strict professional working relationship, both Sunshine and John are in the cast of Banana Split. She further explained that the photos spreading where they were seen together in a very sweet poses comes from their show’s still photos and are not personal photos. Sunshine said Pratty is an amiable person and admitted that they were together in some photos, but insisted that their sweetness in those pictures is purely work-related.

"Nahihiya ako kay Bianca dahil 'di ko alam kung bakit lumabas yung balitang yan. Bakit ako?" she said in disbelief.