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Is Piolo Pascual Gay?

A lot of rumors and hearsay about Piolo Pascual's gender after his breakup with KC Concepcion. But Piolo was being suspected to be a bi-male long time ago before he was in relationship with KC. He was been rumored to be romantically linked with other male actors and singers such as Erik Santos, Sam Milby and even Yul Cervo.

What do you think? Is he really gay or the rumors are not true. Vote in our poll below, after voting please like and tweet this page to your friends.

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  • Nori Platten

    From what I understand, born again christian si Piolo.  If he really is a christian he should also know na homosexuality is a blasphemy to God according to the Bible.  If he’s not gay, then shame to those who are spreading this rumor.  If you guys believe that there is God, you better believe that this negative and vicious comments about this actor will backfire on you ten times worse. Careful….. This is a grave slander. Please be fair.

  • Azelbaylon

    i still love u piolo wat ever u r or hu ever u r…

  • Dens

    Is Piolo Pascual gay?…instead of Is Piolo Pascual is gay?    

  • LegalJustice

    Piolo, just laugh it off.

    Who are they to judge you?

    Huwag mo lang patulan.